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Platform: Win9x/NT/2000

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 What is visiPerl+?

    visiPerl+ is a Perl Integrated Development Environment. visiPerl+ combines the most used programs to write a Perl script into one environment. You've got a powerful editor, mini-Web Server, full FTP client, Code Templates, a built-in HTML Editor and more. Add to that, ActiveStates ActivePerl and you've got a full blown testing and debugging environment.


What makes visiPerl+ unique?

    Document Properties. Each document you create has properties assigned to it. Those properties are what site the document needs to be put on, the directory it should be put in and what permissions to set that document to. These properties are saved along with the document. Whenever you need to update the site that document belongs on, simply press the "upload" button. visiPerl+ pushes the document up to the site and automatic sets the permissions according to the document properties.

    Perl Explorer is another key feature of visiPerl+. With it every variable in your document is listed in the tree. You can drag variables from the tree over into your document for consistent naming. Need to go to a subroutine quickly, simply highlight the subroutine you want in the "Sub Routine" branch, right click and choose "Jump To". Need to rename a variable? No problem! Highlight the variable in the Perl Explorer, right click and choose rename.

    mini-Web Server is an essential tool for developing PERL scripts. This allows you to fully test and debug your scripts, just as if they were on the final site. Simply point the server to a virtual root directory and a default document, then start it. Open up your Web Browser and point it to http://localhost. If you're connected to a network you can also test the site from a remote computer by calling the site via the machine name (ie. http://YourMachineName).

    HTML Editor gives you complete control over how your Internet based CGI scripts will be displayed on the end users system.  Now you can edit the HTML directly in visiPerl+.

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